Deli is an online food platform

Your own direct channel with customers for delivery and take-away

Set up and customize your restaurant chain and upgrade results

We are more than


We are your online restaurant

The ideal platform to grow your business.

Increase your sales

Integrated wallet

Promote as you wish

Direct communication

How we work

Quick, easy and customized for you.

Progressive and responsive site

Designed to any device, no download needed by your customers.

Flexible Menus

Set up different menus for each service.

Design focused

Simple and intuitive so anyone can use.

Free of Marketplace's dependency.

Delivery, Takeaway and Dine In of your restaurant all in one place. Management control of all the processes

Benefits of having your own digital sales channel

Have your own and complete platform to boost your sales. Do not depend on other channels that do not provide you with direct customer access.

Your store, your management

Here you have freedom to test and promote products as you want. Try new combinations, special discounts to bring your consumer to buy on your store without extra taxes.

As many menu as you need

Set up a specific menu for each service you have. It guarantees maximum quality and adjusted prices for each.

Your consumer, your data

Become an intelligent and predictive business by analyzing data from your operation and customers.

Online payment

Make sure you are able to offer all types of payment your consumer needs.


Use sales dashboards to analyze and develop your own strategy. 

Consumer communication

Avoid intermediators on the communication with your consumer. One of the greatest conversion points is to be able to move fast and direct once your client is asking for help.

You can improve your sales on digital channels.

Pay per amount of stores you have: setup, monthly fee and fixed transaction taxes.


100% online

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Continuously Learning

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